A Good Morning Guarantee


Take 5 Urban Market Ballard


Ce n'est pas une McMuffin.

While Take 5's Executive Chef, Bryan, had a high school gig grilling at a nearby McDonald's, his hand-crafted, breakfast sandwich is similar only in form and packaging to the fast food classic.  At Take 5,  slathered butter fills each nook and cranny of a toasted English muffin.  Topped with scrambled egg, melted cheese, and ribbons of honey-roasted ham, it is hearty enough to fuel a day at work, yet sufficiently naughty for a hangover cure. Worth the trip from across the Sound and picnic-worthy for a beach brunch.


Considering that Take 5 has a team of chefs, it's not surprising that their other edible offerings are equally good, especially the unbelievably tasty sandwiches and dinners-to-go.  Wash it all down with artisanal sodas and microbrews.   If you're in a rush, call ahead to avoid a wait--delicious takes time.  Next time you're en route to work, why not take 5 breakfast sammies? Your co-workers will thank you (and me).